structural steelwork with anti-corrosion coating

What is structural steelwork corrosion?

Corrosion is a reaction that occurs gradually, and refers to the rust that appears on metal structures. It will slowly seep into the metal, altering the quality of the structural steelwork. This degradation is a chemical reaction that occurs when water and oxygen come into contact. A layer of iron oxide called “rust” develops. Humidity and a warm environment are two elements that aggravate this process, as they are factors that favor the development of rust.

The effects of rust on structural steelwork

Rust (or corrosion) weakens the structure of a building. If the progress of rust is not stopped quickly, it can cause considerable damage, even leading to roof collapse. Metal systems are often constructions that rely on an integral fastening. If rust has attacked a structural part of the roof: a beam, a truss, crossbeams or purlins, there is a significant risk to the entire steel structure.

How to protect structural steelwork from rust?

One of the main techniques used to treat structural steelwork for corrosion is the application of an anticorrosion primer. This type of primer has the particularity of combating rust formation on metal frameworks. It must be applied to a surface that has been cleaned and degreased so that the protective film adheres properly to the substrate.

Prim’charpente – metal: an anti-corrosion solution for preserving structural steelwork

The ‘Lineo teams have extended the M’Lineo family with the development of a new anti-corrosion product for structural steelwork. Prim’Charpente – Metal is a single-component anti-corrosion primer available in 23kg packs and in a range of colours. This primer can be applied to structural steelwork, boilermaking, sheet metal work and agricultural machinery. In addition to providing anti-corrosion protection, the primer has a matte appearance, dries quickly and is easily overcoated with single- and two-component lacquers. Prim’Charpente – Metal can be applied electrostatically, by manual or automatic spraying, using a brush or roller. Please do not hesitate to contact our technical teams for further information.

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