Color’Lineo: the professional tinting solutions

Color’Lineo provides a wide choice of colors, with a palette of 6,800 shades.

It allows for aesthetic, original and user-friendly creations. Tinting is carried out directly in the colorimetry laboratories present in each ‘Lineo agency.

Colourist who carries out a tinting process

A team of experts dedicated to tinting materials

Shades can be customised or based on the Color’Lineo color chart. It consists in a wide choice of colors that can be applied to any surface. Equipped with several colorimetry laboratories, ‘Lineo has a long history of expertise in tinting. Composed of color technicians, the teams are able to:

  • Develop new custom colors adapted to specific substrates
  • Matching the right color to the right substrate
  • Strict quality control to ensure compliance with established standards and customer requirements

The laboratories, present in all our agencies, work in a complementary way. The skills of each of them allow ‘Lineo to combine its different areas of expertise. Protective and/or decorative systems can be mixed with colorimetry.


Differents tints of Color'Lineo

More information about tints for all types of materials Color’Lineo?

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‘Lineo solutions compatible with Color’Lineo

In this way, the shades formulated in the Color’Lineo range can be added to complement the ‘Lineo professional solution systems. Whether solvent or water-based, with a transparent or opaque finish, tinting is possible. Pigments can be added to lacquers, varnishes or woodstains.

Complementary product ranges

Metal protected with M'Lineo

Corrosion resistance paints and varnishes for metal


Lacquers and varnishes for plastics


Stains, varnishes, lacquers and paints for wood and wood based materials


Accessories, cleaners and thinners

More information about tints for all types of materials Color’Lineo?

For product information, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, substrate/system compatibility.