R’Lineo: the range of professional solutions for epoxy resins

R’Lineo is a range for producing epoxy resins for glazing and casting resins.

Appreciated for their mechanical and aesthetic properties, they can be used to create unique decorative wood pieces.

Casting on wood with epoxy resin

Epoxy resins

Epoxy resin, also known as epoxide or polyepoxide, is widely used in various industrial and craft sectors. It consists of a combination of two components, a base resin and a hardener, offering excellent mechanical properties, durability and strength to the substrates on which they are applied. Epoxy resins can be used, among other things, to make resins for glazing resins and casting resins.

R’Lineo: for glazing and casting resins

R’Lineo is a complete range of professional woodworking solutions for:

  • High-hardness and high-gloss glazing resins and coatings for porous parts prior to inclusion
  • Casting resins for material inclusions (furniture, decorative objects, etc.)

Compatible pigments, colorants and pearlizers can be added to R’Lineo colorless resins to create translucent, solid-colored or opaque finishes with special effects (pearlescent, marbled, etc.).

The application of these products requires the use of professional equipment to achieve the final result, while ensuring the safety of those handling them. ‘Lineo offers a complete range of accessories to complement its solutions.

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Craftsman applying R'Lineo epoxy resin

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Casting on wood with epoxy resin

Epoxy glazing resins for wood

Glaze resins are excellent finishes for wooden parts. Their application has several advantages. They protect wood from environmental factors such as scratches, humidity, dust, wear and water.

Glaze resins can also be used to give wooden parts a smooth, transparent finish. They create more uniform surfaces by filling in wood defects (cracks, knots) while providing a glossy finish that accentuates the wood’s natural beauty.

Epoxy casting resins for wood

Casting resins are also the finish of choice for wood parts. They restore, repair and protect wood against scratches and wear. In addition to these functional advantages, they also allow a high degree of customization in the appearance of castings.

Unique visual effects, the addition of colors and textures, or the incorporation of inclusions, casting resins make it easy to create one-of-a-kind custom parts. Many types of inclusions can be made, such as decorative objects, pieces of wood, shells, stones, dried flowers… They offer unlimited design freedom.

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