M’Lineo: the range of professional solutions for metal

M’Lineo is a range of paints and varnishes that protect and decorate metal surfaces.

In addition, the D’Lineo range of thinners adjust the viscosity of varnishes and lacquers, while the N’Lineo range removes grease from materials.

Agricultural machinery with corrosion resistance paint

M’Lineo corrosion resistance paints and varnishes for indoor and outdoor use

M’Lineo protection solutions are intended for indoor and outdoor use. These systems can be applied to construction components (framework, joinery, etc.), industrial parts (automotive, etc.), customized accessories, luxury goods, design and decorative products (furniture, jewelry, etc.).

Protection systems have been designed to protect all ferrous metals against corrosion (steels, galvanized steels, electrozinc, aluminum, copper, brass). Depending on the finish required, paints, varnishes and lacquers can be colourless, opaque, gloss, satin or matt. The application of these products requires the use of professional equipment to achieve the final result, while ensuring the safety of those handling them. ‘Lineo offers a complete range of accessories to complement its solutions.


Metal framework with corrosion resistance paint

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Metal and corrosion

Metals and alloys are valued for their physical, mechanical and malleable properties, which make them ideal for a wide range of everyday uses. Melted, pressed, flattened, stretched, reduced to blades, sheets, beams, wires… They can be used for a variety of different applications. Although a good conductor of heat and electricity, metal is nevertheless subject to corrosion, a degradation caused by oxidation in contact with air. In addition to aesthetic damage, corrosion weakens the metal substrate, affecting its strength. This is why a coating on metals is essential to protect the substrate from the risks associated with corrosion.

M’Lineo and Color’Lineo: for coloring metal

M’Lineo solutions for interior and exterior metal protection can be combined with the Color’Lineo range. This tinting offers a palette of 6,800 shades from the Color’Lineo color chart. Metal can therefore be colored according to color charts or customized, in addition to the application of an anti-corrosion protection system.

Colored metal with Colo'Lineo

Complementary product ranges

Different coloured tints

Tints for all types of materials


Accessories, cleaners and thinners

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