Manufacturer of professional solutions for wood, plastic, leather, glass and metal

The paints, stains and varnishes manufactured in ‘Lineo laboratories are specifically tailored to the needs of industrial and professional customers. Its aim is to manufacture finishing solutions with decorative and protective properties (against climatic, biological and fire-related aggressions, etc.).  In addition, ‘Lineo France also offers a range of glues for leather and for other materials, as well as accessories for product preparation and application: abrasives, brushes, sprayers…


Production site of 'Lineo France

‘Lineo France ranges of solutions

Thanks to its R&D and colorimetry laboratories, its two production sites and its multi-media expertise, ‘Lineo is able to provide solutions for a variety of applications:


Glues for leather and other materials


Stains, varnishes, lacquers and paints for wood and wood based materials

Different coloured tints

Tints for all types of materials

Wood protects with intumescent varnish

Intumescent varnishes and paints for wood

Metal protected with M'Lineo

Corrosion resistance paints and varnishes for metal


Lacquers and varnishes for plastics

Dry epoxy casting resins

Epoxy resins for glazing and casting


Accessories, cleaners and thinners

The ‘Lineo France range of complementary solutions

In addition to professional solutions, complementary product ranges have have been developed to facilitate product application and the daily lives of those who use them:

  • D’Lineo is a range of thinners used to adjust the viscosity of varnishes and lacquers, and to degrease materials.
  • N’Lineo is a range designed for cleaning installations, application equipment and professional tools such as spray guns and pumps.
  • Professional accessories are also available to apply ‘Lineo solutions, guaranteeing the desired result and the safety of those handling the products.


Cleaning an accessory with a 'Lineo France product

Tailored services

Picto sales support

Customized technical sales support

The ‘Lineo France team is made up of technical sales representatives specialized in brands/materials. These experts offer personalized support tailored to their customers’ needs, with the aim of ensuring the success of every project entrusted to them.

Picto proximity

Proximity and quality

‘Lineo has 4 agencies and 2 production sites in France. In addition, two T&G agencies (one in Spain and one in Belgium) ensure a European presence with the aim of facilitating proximity and providing quality support, based on advice and responsiveness.

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