A’Lineo: the range of professional solutions for gluing leather

A’Lineo is a range of professional and industrial adhesives specially designed for bonding leather.

Aqueous and solvent-based formulations are designed to support manufacturers in the efficient, long-lasting assembly of flexible substrates, especially leather. The A’Lineo range meets the requirements of standard shoe, watch strap, leather goods and saddlery manufacturers.

Craftsman who glues leather with leather glue

A’Lineo: professional glues for leather

For the leather industry, A’Lineo offers a range of solvent-based and water-based adhesives to meet the needs and assembly requirements of the leather industry: leather goods, small leather goods, footwear, sheathing, belts, insoles (podological and sports), saddlery and watch straps.

Aqueous polyurethane adhesives for leather

Aqueous polyurethane (PU) adhesives are widely used for leather goods projects. Their water-based composition greatly reduces their toxicity. They have excellent adhesive properties, providing high tensile strength while retaining a degree of flexibility. Their ability to resist water and heat makes them an excellent choice for leather assembly. In addition, the formulation includes a hardener to enhance the bonding performance of water-based PU adhesives.

Latex glues for leather

A’Lineo formulated latex glue is perfectly suited to the assembly of cold leather parts. It’s an aqueous solution with a high initial tack, adhering durably to the substrate without heating. A’Lineo latex glue also preserves the leather’s initial suppleness. When applying A’Lineo latex glue to large surfaces, the spray gun is the preferred choice. For more precise work on surfaces to be glued, a brush can also be used.

Solvent-based adhesives (neoprene and PU)

A’Lineo solvent-based adhesives offer excellent initial tack and adhesion performance, making them ideal for bonding leather to a wide range of surfaces, such as metal or wood. With a particularly short drying time, they offer a short fixing time for fast, efficient bonding. Solvent-based adhesives can also be diluted with solutions from the D’Lineo and N’Lineo ranges (cleaners, thinners) to modify their viscosity. In addition, the A’Lineo range offers primers to improve adhesion on difficult-to-bond substrates.

A’Lineo, multi-material bonding solutions

The bonding solutions formulated in the A’Lineo range can also be applied to other substrates. They can also be used to join textiles, plastics such as TPU, TR, EVA, PVC, MDF wood, various types of foam (PE, PET, PS, etc.), canvas, nonwovens and synthetic or natural rubber.

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Full support in leatherworking manufacturing processes

‘Lineo supports leather professionals at every stage in the manufacture of leather goods, from sizing and polishing to carding and stitching. This translates into a range of accessories specially adapted to leather working, which can be used in conjunction with A’Lineo glues (abrasives, circular brushes, nails, needles/alenes, brushes and brushware, spray guns, personal protective equipment, wax, mallets, open cabs, etc.)

A'Lineo leather working accessories

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