F’Lineo: the range of professional fire retardant solutions

F’Lineo is a range of intumescent varnishes and paints that protect buildings against the flames of a fire.

Designed for sheltered indoor and outdoor wood, these fire-retardant solutions are also effective on wood derivatives (plywood, OSB, MDF).

Interior of a wooden house protected with intumescent varnish

Intumescent products, a fire protection solution for wood

There are many advantages to using wood in construction. It’s a noble, particularly aesthetic material that can be used for a variety of applications. It is nonetheless a flammable and combustible material. Its use requires particular vigilance to ensure the safety and protection of the wooden structure in the event of fire. Among the fireproof solutions available on the market, intumescent products are an effective protection against fire.

F’Lineo intumescent varnishes

Intumescent varnishes are fire-retardant products that provide a high level of protection against the risk of fire. F’Lineo’s range includes two intumescent varnishes with common characteristics:

  • They offer a high level of protection against fire, in accordance with NF EN 13501-1
  • They preserve the wood’s aesthetic appeal by not altering its appearance
  • They are easy to apply and require no primer or finish.

W’Fire WB F003 intumescent varnish is classified B-S2, D0 (according to the European standard, also called “Euroclasse”).

W’Fire WB F004 intumescent varnish is classified B-S1, D0 (according to the European standard, also called “Euroclasse”).

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Frame protected with intumescent varnish

F’Lineo intumescent paint

Intumescent paint is also the coating of choice for combining fire safety and aesthetics. The formula developed as part of the F’Lineo offer is easy to apply and gives a white matte finish. F’Lineo intumescent paint considerably reduces the flammability of wood materials and slows the development of fire, in accordance with NF EN 13501-1. This fire-retardant product is classified B-S1, D0 (according to the European standard, also called “Euroclasse“).

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White intumescent paint on interior wood

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Why choose intumescent coatings?

Intumescent products provide passive protection against fire hazards. If the wood to which the intumescent finish is applied is subjected to the heat generated by the fire, the product will swell and form a microporous foam known as a “meringue”, retarding the wood’s temperature rise. Intumescent solutions limit the spread of fire and allow you to evacuate to safety. Several intumescent coatings are available, depending on requirements. The application of these products requires the use of professional equipment to achieve the final result, while ensuring the safety of those handling them. ‘Lineo offers a range of accessories to complement its solutions.

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