P’Lineo: the range of professional solutions for plastics

P’Lineo is a range of lacquers and varnishes that provide long-lasting protection for plastic.

These professional solutions for all composite substrates protect and decorate plastic parts while offering a wide choice of shades and colors. The D’Lineo and N’Lineo ranges are also available. D’Lineo adjust the viscosity of varnishes and lacquers, and N’Lineo cleans the equipment used.

Chairs protected with plastic varnish

Why apply a lacquer or varnish to plastic?

Coating is the technical process of applying a finish, in this case lacquer or varnish, to a plastic part. Its application will provide the aesthetic and functional benefits that are essential to ensure the material’s durability, while at the same time making it aesthetically pleasing.

P’Lineo lacquers and varnishes for plastics

P’Lineo is a complete range of professional solutions for protecting and decorating plastic. Composed of varnishes and lacquers, these coatings provide optimum protection against UV rays, plastic oxidation, temperature variations, abrasion and chemical agents. In addition, P’Lineo solutions can be used to create unique plastic parts, thanks to a wide range of finishes: tinting, special effects, customized appearance.

P’Lineo solutions can be applied to a variety of plastics: epoxy, polyurethane (PU), unsaturated polyester, polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polyamide (PA), polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP), polymethacrylate (PMA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The application of these products requires the use of professional equipment to achieve the final result, while ensuring the safety of those handling them. ‘Lineo offers a complete range of accessories to complement its solutions.

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Plastic protected with a varnish

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Finishes for plastic protection

Plastics, whether used indoors or out, are subjected to a wide range of stresses and strains, and need to be coated to protect them against ..:

  • UV rays: prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause the plastic to become brittle (yellowing, loss of strength).
  • Dioxygen (O²): combined with free radicals, dioxygen can oxidize plastics. This phenomenon will discolor the plastic and alter its resistance.
  • Chemical agents: to maintain plastic parts, it is essential to clean them. As these cleaners are often corrosive, a suitable coating can protect the plastic against corrosion, thus maintaining the material’s structural integrity.

Finishes for plastic decoration

Plastic is a particularly aesthetic material used in a wide range of sectors. Automotive, point-of-sale (POS) advertising, industry and construction are all areas where aesthetics and personalization are key factors of attractiveness. Applying a lacquer or varnish will:

  • Enhance aesthetics: depending on the finish chosen, lacquer or varnish will give the plastic a new look, whether matte, satin or glossy.
  • Personalize the material: applying a lacquer or varnish can also personalize plastic parts with patterns, textures and colors. This can help you stand out from the crowd of products available on the market, and meet the specific needs of each customer.

P’Lineo and Color’Lineo: for coloring plastic

P’Lineo solutions are compatible with the Color’Lineo range. This tinting offers a palette of 6,800 shades from the Color’LIneo color chart. The plastic can therefore be colored according to the shades on the color chart, or customized to complement the application of a protective system.

Complementary product ranges

Different coloured tints

Tints for all types of materials


Accessories, cleaners and thinners

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